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What’s Our Mission?

The world is changing and we’ve got be flexible enough to change with it…That’s our goal at DEMCAR – to change the way you interact with the world so that you remain connected, relevant and productive.

Maintaining Connectivity through the movement people, goods and services around the globe will ensure that anyone, anywhere, has access to the most current innovations in travel, accommodation, real estate, shipping, delivery and tech transfer.  The nexus of these elements is where the DEMCAR model stands out from the competition.

We Provide Global Solutions to Facilitating Small and Medium size Businesses in Information Technology, Logistics and Travel and Marketing. To this end we’ve built a network of partners that provide the linkages that make this possible. It all starts with DEMCAR`s commitment to you our customers and our affiliates confidence in us to deliver.

We are more than 20 Years in the Market

With our roots in the Caribbean, and most especially in Guyana, South America, DEMCAR is uniquely placed to provide insights into doing business and accessing products and services in the region.

Dem-Car-Go is a Win-Win for both businesses and individuals/travelers. For businesses it’s a cost-effective way to reach new customers and increase income. For individuals and travelers, it’s a great way to minimize hassle and achieve your goals.

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